Sunday, March 17, 2013

Fabulous Shower Punch

Well, it has definitely been awhile since I blogged but....with very good reason. 
Look what I've first little grandbaby!
 Mr. Alexander Gray Walker

He is just the love of my life!  I now know what people mean when they say being a grandparent is the most wonderful thing.  I go to sleep thinking of him and I wake up thinking of him.  He is truly a precious gift from Heaven.

Hopefully, now I can get back on track and focus!!!!  I need to blog all of the recipes I have been building up. 

I thought that posting this great shower punch was very appropriate considering it was the punch that was served at my daughter's Baby Shower. 

Also, this is just about the time showers begin for those June weddings.  It is my absolute favorite punch.  I am so glad we only have it at that time because I think I could literally drink the entire bowl by myself!  It is divine!!

It is so easy and you can make it weeks in advance. One of the best things is that if it is spilled, it does not stain.  I don't think I have heard of anyone who does not like this particular punch because it is so fresh and full of pleasing flavors.  Hope you get a chance to make won't be disappointed!


3 cups Water
2 cups Sugar
3 ripe Bananas
1 (46 Ounce) Can Pineapple Juice
1-1/2 cups Orange Juice
1/4 cup Lemon Juice, freshly squeezed is best
4 quarts Ginger Ale

Mix small amount of pineapple juice in blender with bananas until smooth.

Add the rest of the juices and blend until smooth.

Bring the water and sugar to a boil in a saucepan.  Cool.  Add this to the juice mixture.

Freeze in two 13 X 9 pans OR 2 large size Ziploc Freezer bags.

Freeze in freezer at least 2 days before you need it.  I actually doubled this recipe which is the reason for four freezer bags.

Set pans out or bags out to thaw 30-45 minutes before ready to serve.

Cut frozen juice into squares or remove mixture from baggies and place into punch bowl.  Pour Ginger Ale on top of frozen juice.  Divide 1/2 batch frozen juice per 2 quarts Ginger Ale.

This makes two bowls of punch. 



Jeanne said...

Congratulations Jana! He is prescious!
Thanks for sharing this punch recipe. I had a few servings at the shower and it was delicious!!

Little Magnolia Kitchen said...

Thank you Jeanne! He is just the sweetest little thing! Loved your pictures of the eagles that you posted the other day! So awesome!

Ed McGee said...

Beautiful grandson. Congrats! Being a home chef my wife put me in charge of the food for a wedding shower that she's hosting. I already have a double batch in the freezer for the big day. However, if you can fit all the other juices in your blender after you've blended the bananas you must have a HUGE blender. It all wouldn't fit in mine. Or, did I miss something?

Ed M.

Little Magnolia Kitchen said...

Awww...thanks...he is a dream! I guess I should have mentioned that I do this punch in portions because I DO NOT have a blender big enough to hold all the ingredients at one time. It sure would make it easier if I did. It is just one of those little inconveniences but the end result is so worth the little bit of extra effort. Please let me know how the shower goes and how you like the punch! Thanks for stopping by my blog...I truly appreciate it and the chance to talk "recipes" with you!