Monday, March 18, 2013


This isn't really a new recipe but just a adaptation of a favorite! 

Last night, I made Gold Buckle Brisket with my recipe for Macaroni and Cheese.  Only I decided to add fresh, green leafy spinach to it.  Now, of course, when I said I was going to do this I saw faces drop!  So, I decided to add the spinach to only half of the macaroni and cheese dish.

I poured half of the macaroni and cheese into the dish and then I stirred a handful of spinach leaves into the remaining half  I poured it into the dish, covered it with the remaining cheese and voila, we added some iron and vitamins and the taste was negligible. 

It was YUMMY!!!

This would be great for kids, if you can get them past the "green stuff"! 

Just thought I would share this little "new idea" with y'all!  It's always a good thing when you can take a favorite recipe to another level!


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