Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Let me just start by saying that I am not a huge parsley fan.  I know...what is wrong with me?  Even though the main ingredient of this dipping oil/salad dressing is parsley, I can't stop eating it!
The wonderful thing about this recipe is that it is so versatile.  All the flavors meld pretty quickly so you can make this 30 minutes before serving and it is amazing!!
I use it for a dipping oil for bread or toasties, like pictured above.  I use it for my dressing on my salad.  It is wonderful drizzled over any beans, broccoli, asparagus, potatoes, etc.  We have even drizzled it over my mashed potatoes. 
I never measure for this recipe.  I did measure in the beginning, but those measurements went something like this...2 big handfuls of parsley, sprinkle with red pepper flakes until the top in covered, start with 1-1/2 cups of olive oil and then add more...soooo it wasn't really an accurate recipe.  However, now I just eye the ingredients and then tweak until I get the flavor and consistency that I want.  However, I did my best to measure accurately so that you can have a good base to go by.  You may not want as much Red Pepper Flakes since it does make it pretty spicy or as much fresh garlic.   I am a garlic-lover!!!  The good thing about this recipe is that you can adjust your ingredients to your liking. 
My friend Kelly introduced me to this divine dipping oil a few years back and I love using it when I want something besides butter on my bread or heavy dressings on my salads. 
It is inexpensive to make and it lasts a week or two in the fridge.  I wish I could be more accurate about how long it lasts but it never lasts very long...maybe a week at my house.
I would suggest the next time you fix an Italian meal or a steak dinner that you make this and drizzle it over your salad or serve it in little, individual dishes for a dipping oil for bread.  Or, buy a baguette and slice it in approximately 1/2" thick slices and toast in a 350 degree oven until crispy on one side, then flip and crisp on the other side.  Serve in a basket and have a cruet of this dressing for people to drizzle over the bread toasties.  Yummmm!!!!
1 cup Curly Parsley, chopped
4 large cloves Garlic, minced
1 to 1-1/2 teaspoons Crushed Red Pepper
1-1/2 cups Extra-Light Tasting or Delicate Tasting Olive Oil
1 teaspoon Salt, or to your liking.
Chop enough parsley to measure 1 cup.

Pour in 1-1/2 cups of Olive Oil...I use Bertolli Extra Light, Delicate Taste Olive Oil.  You may want to add more after all the ingredients are combined.  You want it to be more like a dipping oil.

Mince 4 large Garlic Cloves and add to the mixture.

Sprinkle in 1 to 1-1/2 teaspoon Red Pepper Flakes.  As you can see, I like a lot but you may want to start with half the amount, allow to sit for about 30 minutes, taste and then add more if you like. (I know this is a different bowl than the one's from a different meal.  I told you I like to make this a lot! Ha!
Add 1 teaspoon of salt or whatever pleases your palate.  I am a salt-a-holic...I know that is not a good thing but it is what it is!
I like this picture because you can see how all of the ingredients stick to the parsley which is why this is such a good recipe.  By the ingredients having something to adhere to, you get a taste of all of the flavors at once...this is making me want to go make some right now and it is 10:30 in the morning! 

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