Sunday, July 8, 2012

Willy new obsession!

Saturday night my husband James and I planned on eating out.  I was ready to go somewhere different but I just couldn't think of anything that sounded really good.  Italian...neh....Mexican...not so much....steakhouse...sigh!  Then, out of the blue, I thought of a new (I'm not really sure how new...but new to me) restaurant that I had heard of.  I don't even know where I heard of it (I remember a conversation but not who it was with...geesh what is wrong with me?).  Anyway, the restaurant was called Willy Burger in Beaumont.  I heard it was like a throwback to the 50's!  Now, I'm thinking....this is something worth checking out!

 When we first drove up and I saw the place, I was in love!  It was so cute!

The Airstream trailer, that you see above, is actually attached to the restaurant and it provides seating inside.  Such a great idea and it adds to the whole vibe (my 50's lingo kicking in) of the place!  I should've taken a picture of the front of the restaurant but I was embarrassing my husband with my excited picture taking.

The inside is a 50's style type of diner.  The employees all wear those little paper hats and you can see everything as they are cooking it.

Look at that pool-ball-wall surrounding the view of the kitchen...groovy!!

There is 70's music playing (which I love) but I think 50's would have been really awesome!  Who knows...maybe they play all era's and we were there on 70's night!  Anyway, you order before you sit down. And the menu was like an All-American, Oh My Gosh, High Five, Oh Yeah Baby kind of menu!  

sorry for the black borders...still figuring this blog site out!

If you can dream it up, I bet they can serve it up!!  

However, I am a Plain Jane kind of girl when it comes to burgers!  So I ordered cheese, mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles (my mouth is watering again), a side of onion rings, and a big, fat Coke (anyone who knows me knows how I love Cokes)!  Oh Yeah Baby!!!  James ordered a burger, with barbeque sauce and onion rings on it and a side of fries.  We decided mutually that we needed both the onion rings and fries, so we ordered one of each. 

So, we are sitting there waiting on our food and I tell James this place reminds me of  the show Happy Days.  For those of you who were too young to know this (so jealous), Happy Days was a sitcom about the 50's.  It revolved around a diner, Arnold's, and the main characters were Fonzie, Richie, Potsie, and Ralph (I loved this show).  (I is a bad habit of mine)   Annnnyway, I start looking around at this restaurant and I realize all the details that they have put into it.  They have an arch wall of pennies that leads into the airstream trailer sitting area (it was full so we couldn't eat in there...sad face)!  I took a picture of the penny wall but I couldn't get a picture of the complete arch because it would have been a little awkward, even for me, as there was someone sitting it the middle of the arch! 

This is my partial picture!  Looks a lot cooler in person!
There was a huge EAT sign and there were pictures of Hollywood's leading ladies, from the 50's, above some of the booths!

I'm sure to James' relief, (I hope he doesn't hide my phone), our order is called!  When he sets it on the table I hear simultaneous voices in my head!  One is saying "you know that is going straight to your hips, right?" and "do you know how long it is gonna take to work that off?"!  The other voice is saying "oh my gosh this is amazing" and "I'm so glad James got fries so I can have some of those too?".  

Guess which voice won out?

This burger did not let me down!  It was one of the best burgers I have ever had.  And the onion rings....they were to die for!! 

I guess I should be glad something was left!

You should know these fries were the skinny, crispy ones....pretty much perfect!!

Now, I wish I would've had room for dessert!  Funnel cakes, shakes, coke floats, malts...heaven!  Maybe I'll make a trip over just for dessert! 

When we were walking out of Willy's I was thinking that this is what we needed in our community...a unique, locally owned, clean, affordable, fun restaurant experience.  I left feeling like I had been out to eat on vacation!


(i know I'm a nerd)



Sherry Isaacks said...

Hmm, I've not heard of this place but will definitely need to give it a try.

George said...

Janna,What street is Willy hamburger on?

Little Magnolia Kitchen said...

Willy Burger is on Calder next to the old Fat Macs BBQ!