Monday, July 30, 2012


This is my husband's favorite salad.  It is loaded with healthy raw vegetables and I serve it with Ranch Dressing on the side.  Tonight, we dished it up with grilled chicken, sauteed kale, green beans, roasted garlic  whole-grain rice blend and multi-grain bread. I promise this salad is full of great taste....I guess it is the blending of the different flavors and, of course, the ranch dressing and bacon never hurt!


1 large broccoli stem, approximately 1 cup (florets with a small amount of the stem)
1/3 large cauliflower floret cluster
1/2 medium size red bell pepper
1/2 medium purple onion
2 boiled eggs
3 slices of bacon (cooked crispy)
Ranch Dressing
Chop all ingredients very small.  Mix together and chill.  
I actually serve the bacon on the side because some of my family doesn't like it but it really is best mixed in with the salad.  
Serve with Ranch Dressing either on the side for people to serve themselves or you can mix it in the salad.  There is no certain amount of dressing to add.  I would just add enough to coat the veggies. 

*You know I just got to thinking....It might be great to make the salad and mix it up but do not add the bacon.     Pour it in a clear, glass bowl. Top with a layer of Ranch Dressing and sprinkle the bacon on top.  Hmmm....may try that next time!

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