Saturday, June 16, 2012

How To Comment On My Blog and Others!

There have been several people who said they have not been able to comment on this blog so.......

Yesterday, I made it my mission to figure out how to comment on blogs (although I temporarily disabled my blog...ugh!)

You will need a Google account if you don't have one. The good news..... it's FREE!

I started from "How to Set Up a Google Account" all the way to the end.  

If you already have a Google account, just go to Step 3.

I hope this helps because I really want to hear your comments and get your feedback.  That's what it is all about!  
P.S. I deleted the nanajanna463 account, so you won't be able to find me under that was just for demonstration!  I'm still under littlemagnoliakitchen  : )


Step 1
     Go to "Create a New Google Account".  Follow the instructions (for some reason where it says last name
      my AOL account came up but you just need to put your last name.

Step 2
     When you see welcome, you can just exit out and.....

Step 3
    Sign in using your new user name and password (to make sure everything is working good)

Step 4
     Open a new tab and (look where the little arrow is in the picture)

Step 5
    Type in "" or whatever blog you are wanting to comment on

Step 6
     When my blog (or any other blog you are wanting to comment on) comes up, scroll down until you get to           the end of the day you are wanting to make a comment on

Step 7
     Click where it says "comments" (in the picture the little finger is pointed to where you need to click)

Step 8
     Write your comment in the little box

Step 9
     Type in the word, choose your identity (this is what will appear when you post a comment on a blog).
     Click "Publish Your Comment" and you are done!!


Sherry Isaacks said...

Ok Janna...I've got a google account...under mcakes for Maddie my dog.LOL Lets see if I've been successful!

Little Magnolia Kitchen said...

Hey Sherry!! You did it!! So are my first one! I'll make you one of those chocolate cakes! LOL!!!

Sherry Isaacks said...

You would have to help me eat it!