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I guess my theme this week is going to be finding the perfect recipe because that is what I consider this mashed potato recipe to be.  

I have tried different ways to make mashed potatoes over the years.  I love my mashed potatoes to be creamy, buttery and smooth.  I hate when I go to a restaurant and I am served mashed potatoes and they are so dry that you have to have gravy to eat them.  It shouldn't be that way. 

Just like there are many ways to mix up a good cake, there are equally as many recipes for how to prepare mashed potatoes. 

 So...start your mixers...we are about to make some 
good-ole-down-home-creamy-southern mashed potatoes 
like your grandmother used to make!

5 lbs. Yukon Gold (cut in half) 
Large Red New Potatoes (notice the size in the pic)
1 stick of Land O' Lakes Butter (or more)
1 can of Pet Evaporated Milk

To peel or not to peel...that is the question!  I personally like the skins on but some of my family does not so today I caved and let them have it their way.  But they are good either way!

Make sure your potatoes are relatively the same size so they will cook in the same amount of time.  

Place in a pressure cooker and cover with water and add a generous amount of salt. 
Place potatoes in a large pot, cover with water and add a generous amount of salt.

**I have made them both ways...just depends on my time frame as to which one I decide to use.  For this post today, I have used the pressure cooker.

Place cover on pressure cooker and turn burner to high.  When the steam begins to escape and the regulator begins to vibrate, turn heat down to medium or where the regulator is vibrating steadily but not radically (that is the only way I know how to describe it).
Cook for 8 minutes.
Let the steam totally escape before removing the lid.
Check the potatoes to make sure they are done.  If a fork goes through the potatoes without hesitation and breaks apart slightly then they are done.
But if you hit a hard spot, then the potatoes need more time.  Return them to a boil and check them every couple of minutes until they are done. (I don't think this will be the case after 8 minutes in a pressure cooker but it all depends on the size of the potato)

If you are using a regular large pot.  Bring the potatoes to a boil for about 30 minutes.  Follow the instructions above for checking the potatoes for doneness. 

Pour the potatoes into a colander immediately.  Do not let them sit in the water.  If they are left in the water, they will continue to cook and they will absorb more water.  The consistency will be watery instead of creamy.

Place the potatoes in a stand mixer or a use a large bowl with a hand held mixer.

Add 6 tablespoons of butter to the hot potatoes and mix. Or you could just throw that whole stick in right is entirely up to really depends on what kind of day I am having!  It's like... butter therapy! 

I cannot say exactly how much milk to add to the potatoes.  I always "eye" it.  With the mixer going, add milk until you get it to the consistency you want your potatoes....then add more milk. Because of the starch in potatoes they will continue to "stiffen" after mixing.  So, it always better to have your potatoes a little creamier than you think you want.

I have used half-n-half, whipping cream, and regular milk, but my Mom always used evaporated milk and I really like the flavor and creaminess that it creates.  

Add salt and pepper to your taste.

Melt the last two couple tablespoons of butter.  If that stick is already in the potatoes, go ahead and open the second stick and slice off a couple of tablespoons (or more...this is a no judgment blog here) melt, and pour on top of the potatoes.  Really, there is no wrong or right here...just do whatever makes your little heart happy.

Oh My Gosh....these are divine!!!

I sprinkled a little bit of dried parsley on top of the potatoes just for the picture...I never do this before I serve them though!  


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