Monday, August 13, 2012


3199 Dowlen Road, Beaumont, Texas

I just had to write and tell you about where my family and I ate after church yesterday.    It is a place called Bistro Lemonde in Beaumont, Texas.  It was excellent!

Honestly, we had eaten here before and it had been good but not great.  So, maybe they have made some changes...I don't really know. But my son-in-law, Daniel, ordered Gumbo as an appetizer.  Both he and Holly agreed it was really good gumbo and we are all so picky about gumbo.  This gumbo had a good, dark roux and great taste.  Holly got a chicken sandwich with fries and she wanted to finish the whole thing but it was so big she could not eat it all.  James and I both got the shrimp tacos....I would venture to say they were the best shrimp tacos I think I have ever eaten (and my family will tell you that is saying alot because I am picky about restaurant food).  I requested the ranch and chipotle sauce on the side, which were good, but I didn't even need them because of the superb flavor.  I ate both tacos (sad and sorry face).  

I did not take these pictures...I downloaded them off the internet.  I actually think that the above picture is their baja fish tacos instead of shrimp tacos.  If I would've know how good it was going to be, I would've taken some pictures myself.

The staff was extremely polite, the food was hot and exactly what we ordered, and they went out of their way to make sure our visit was a pleasant one.  I believe it was the owner (not positive but pretty sure) even held the door for us as we left and thanked us for coming in.

We are always looking for good places to eat and we will definitely be returning here.


Anonymous said...

Hey!!!!!!! From all the staff at BistroLeMonde we'd like to say THANK YOU! :) we work really hard to provide fresh great tasting food and an inviting atmosphere so we all got a little excited when we stumbled across your blog ( which is great by the way) Make sure y'all take time to come on back and try some of our brunch items or homemade desserts (like the creme brûlée which ROCKS!!!! Lol)

Thanks again!
Staff of Bistro Lemone :)

Little Magnolia Kitchen said...

Hey Guys! I call it like I see it...haha! Thanks for the comment! I will definitely be visiting again! And thanks for stopping by my place/blog too!