Sunday, January 11, 2015


This was my first time to make this scrumptious little breakfast treat.  I had seen it one time in a magazine, and I want to say it was a Food Network issue, but I could be wrong. Anyway, they called it "Toad In A Hole".  It was the first time I had ever seen it made.

This morning I was trying to decide what to make for breakfast.  I didn't want to go to too much trouble since I cannot smell or taste.  I have been down since Wednesday with some kind of sinus stuff that is going around. However, I can taste sweet and I can taste salty, and since I loooooove buttered toast and I love a fried egg that is what I decided upon.  I even put a little apricot preserves on my toast to add a little sweet.  I had my idea of how to make it but I thought I would google it and, come to find out, it is not really called Toad In A Hole.  It actually goes by several different names so I loved getting to choose what I wanted to call it.  I thought Sunshine Toast sounded like a wonderful, morning kind of breakfast that I would want to eat so Sunshine Toast it is.  

Now, I can only go by what my husband said but, he really liked it and I cannot wait to make it for my grandson.  I like the idea of using whatever cookie cutter you want.  I used a heart and a circle but just think about the possibilities....easter cross, CHRISTmas star, football, dance, child's age...I could keep going.  And then I think about what you could put in the center...scrambled eggs with herbs, bacon, veggies, cheese, etc.  Oh what if you make it more like french toast and then add the egg in the center?  I may be making this a lot in the next few weeks.  I will let you know how they all turn out!

Now, I will say that you need to cook this on low heat so that your toast will not burn before the egg cooks.  I think that is the challenge to getting this dish right.  I didn't know that so I started with medium heat and I really wished the egg had cooked a little more.  Also, make sure that when you flip your toast that there is butter added to the pan so that your egg will not stick when flipped.  
When I finished this dish, I wished I had something green to add to it but I saw an orange and decided to zest it over the dish.  It did not turn out like I thought.  It was a quick thought and now I wished I had added some thinly, sliced green onion.  I think that would have been yummy too!  Well there is always next tomorrow! Ha!


2 Pieces of Bread
2 tablespoons of Butter
2 Large Eggs
Salt and Pepper

Butter 2 pieces of bread

Use cookie cutters to cut out center of bread.

Put bread in a buttered skillet on low.  Break an egg into each hole.

Salt and Pepper each egg and cook until bread is toasted to your liking, then flip!  Make sure there is butter in the pan where the egg will land when flipped, or it will stick.

Serve with honey, jelly or preserves.


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